The Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative is a non-profit organization that manages a 275 acre dry forest preserve and restoration project near Waikoloa Village on Hawai‘i Island.  Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore a remnant native Hawaiian dry forest ecosystem through land management, outreach, education and grass roots advocacy. We accomplish our goals by focusing our management on threat control, such as invasive plant management and fuel reduction, as well as increasing the number of native species within the project by planting and seed broadcasting.

The preserve is home to several endemic plant species including the wiliwili tree and the critically endangered uhiuhi tree. Unfortunately these lands today are only remnants of the incredible dryland forests that once covered the leeward sides of the Hawaiian islands. It is estimated that all but 5% of the native dryland forests of Hawai‘i have been lost. The remnant forests that persist today are still threatened by development, feral ungulates and increased threat of fire due largely to invasive grasses. We feel it is our responsibility to care for what remains and promote a recovery of these unique and valuable forests.

Our current programs include invasive species control, fuels management, native plant propagation and planting, and outreach and education programs. The outreach and education program includes the Waikoloa Future Foresters educational program for children, and our visitors and volunteer programs. Outreach and education is central to our vision and goals at WDFI and we hope to preserve, promote and restore understanding and stewardship of the forest within our communities through our volunteer and educational programs and by providing opportunities to tour and experience these special places


WDFI and our partners are committed to dryland forest advocacy through community outreach and education and dedicated to protecting and restoring these precious areas. We encourage you to explore our site and to join us in our pursuit of healthy dry forests!